Immediate Dentures

Same-Day Dentures in Moncton

Get Tooth Extractions and Dentures on the Same Day

Leading up to tooth extractions, it’s normal for patients to have a lot of questions and concerns. At the top of this list might be, “How long will I have to go without teeth?” Thanks to immediate dentures, the answer is “Not even one day!”

It’s true! Immediate dentures are designed to be placed in the mouth immediately following tooth extractions. This means you can leave our office with a smile on your face – and teeth in your mouth! We’re pleased to offer same-day dentures at Dieppe Denture Clinic and we look forward to discussing this option with you during a free consultation.

How Do Same-Day Dentures Work?

Your denturist and dentist work closely together to fabricate immediate dentures so they’re ready to be placed in your mouth immediately after tooth extractions. Then, patients can wear these for the following six months or more while their dental tissues heal sufficiently. Only once they’re done healing and all swelling has subsided should their final restoration be placed.

Joel Ouellette, Denturist at Dieppe Denture Clinic
Digital denture exam room at Dieppe Denture Clinic

Stay Smiling with Immediate Dentures

Post Tooth Extraction Care Tips

After you have teeth pulled, some swelling, bleeding, and discomfort is expected. Your dentist will give you specific instructions on how to care for your mouth and teeth following the extraction, including:

  1. Rinse your mouth with salt water frequently
  2. Apply cold compresses to the outside of your jaw
  3. Take pain medication as prescribed
  4. Avoid drinking through a straw, smoking, or eating crunchy or hard foods

Learn More About This Option

Same-day dentures can help ease some of the discomfort and swelling you may experience after tooth removal. If you have any questions or concerns about post-operative care, be sure to ask your dentist and denturist.

If you’re looking for a temporary solution to missing teeth, immediate dentures may be the right option for you. Contact Dieppe Denture Clinic today for a free consultation and find out if same-day dentures are right for you!

Get the big, confident smile you’ve always wanted

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Questions fréquemment posées

Are immediate dentures right for me?

Not everyone is a good candidate for immediate dentures. If you have significant bone loss or are not healthy enough to undergo surgery, then same-day dentures may not be an option for you. Talk to your dentist about your individual situation to see if this type of denture is right for you.

Are immediate dentures permanent?

No, immediate dentures are a temporary solution. They’re designed to be worn for six months or more while your dental tissues heal. After they’ve healed, you’ll need to have a final restoration placed.

Can you eat with immediate dentures?

Yes, immediate dentures can be worn while eating. However, you may need to avoid hard, crunchy, or sticky foods until your final restoration is placed.